There are many ways Trusti can be implemented to verify the legitimacy of a transaction or the integrity of a process.

Carbon offsetting illustration

It's increasingly common for trees to be planted by corporations who wish to offset their carbon emissions. As such, a certain level of verification is necessary to deter fraudulent activity and ensure accurate reporting of environmental impact. To this end, Trusti could be used by tree planting companies, their governmental oversight bodies or environmental charities to issue unique tokens which validate the provenance of the newly planted trees. Once purchased and issued, a token's metadata would contain details of where and when the tree was planted, its projected carbon offset and the identity of the company who purchased it. This data would be publicly available, ensure the integrity of the purchaser's environmental targets and provide a reliable data source for environmental statistics.

Recycling illustration

Trusti could be used by the recycling industry to keep track of recyclable containers travelling along their waste disposal route. A unique token for each container manufactured would be issued and printed on the container via QR code. Then when it has been discarded and it enters the recycling process it can be scanned and reliably recorded as having been recycled.

Manufacturing illustration

A Trusti token could be updated at every stage of a manufacturing process, for example, for an item of clothing. By scanning a QR code printed on its label, the customer could verify the item was ethically made. With the correct monitoring and logging process in place, every step of the production line can be recorded including where and how the materials were sourced and whether workers' rights were upheld.

IoT illustration

Trusti is also a high-velocity broker for securing IoT transactions using our SSL (TLS) to provide integrity and security for the growing world and threat-surface which is the internet of things. Let us be the 'S' in your MQTTS; we can offer our security layer as a service or for specialist applications as an on-premises hardware solution. Get in touch to find out more.