Trusti is a secure, auditable token platform built to support lifecycle integrity across any industry or process.

We're the globally trusted certificate authority and immutable ledger architecture behind Trusti Tokens, which are publicly verifiable, secure and flexible enough to suit all use cases.

CA as a Service

Enterprise, government, defence - we allow you to create fragmented root keys which are hosted securely across our private and military facilities, allowing you to have your own secure root of trust (which we can’t even access). Having your certificates hosted across distributed, air gapped architecture provides additional assurance.

Secure QR Codes

Trusti tokens are able to be generated as secure QR codes, each interaction with the QR code is cryptographically audited by our Trusti immutable ledger. This cryptographic verification ensures only Trusti-verified domains are redirected. Learn more about Trusti secure QR codes by generating a Trusti QR code now.


Trusti immutable ledger is cryptographically secure and publicly verifiable via its trusted intermediate certificate, which meets the highest levels of compliance (FIPS 140-3). Its centralised architecture removes the need for public consensus, ensuring privacy and security.


Trusti Tokens can be generated for indefinite or time-limited lifespans and can be single or multi-use depending on your needs. They can support various identification strategies and are highly accessible via QR codes.


Trusti maintains a complete history of all Trusti Tokens over time, which are self-identifying and compatible with the expansive ecosystem.